is pleased to bring you on-demand videos of presentations given at the 4th Nano Today Conference.

The conference was organised by Elsevier, the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, and the journal Nano Today. This international conference presents the latest research at the multidisciplinary frontier of nanostructured materials and devices.

Hand-operating nanotechnology: manual handling of nanomaterials, nanospace, and molecular machines - Katsuhiko Ariga.

Reversible self-assembly of dissimilar nanoparticles - Luis M. Liz Marzán.

15 Years of Commercializing Medical Devices Using Nanotechnology - Michelle Stolzoff and Thomas J. Webster.

Nanocrystal self-assembly of CdSe/CdS hollow domes in quasi contact-free conditions- Angelo Accardo.

Sub-10 nm particles directed self-assembly with single particle positioning resolution- Mohamed Asbahi, Fuke Wang, Karen, S.L. Chang; Mei Chee Tan, Joel K.W. Yang; Shafigh Mehraeen.

Block copolypept(o)ides: peptoMicelles, nanopeptogels and peptoplexes- M.Barz.

Development of peptide/DNA nanococoons towards functionalized viral mimics-  Ying Chau.

Polymeric nanovectors by design: application in cancer therapeutics- Gianluca Ciardelli.

Smart multi-functional nanomaterials for biomedical applications- Gianni Ciofani

Surface enhanced raman scattering and gated materials for the ultrasensitive detection of human pathogens and drugs- M. Coronado-Puchau, M. Oroval, J. Langer, M. Norah-Sanz, R. Martinez Manez, and Luis M. Liz-Marzan.

Self-reporting Nano Theranostics for Arterial Thrombosis - S. Deb.

Design of Stimuli-Responsive Nanogels - J. Forcada.

Optically-active hybrid nanostructures:  Chirality, generation of hot plasmonic electrons and transparency window - A.O.Govorov.

TiO2 nano size-dependent performance in selective photo-oxidation - M.S. Hamdy.

H2O2 fuelled Au-Ni-Pt striped nano-swimmer’s autonomous propulsion thrust by recoil force induced from O2 bubble detachment - L. X. Hu.

Nanonet of ceramic nanofibers with targeted functionalities - I. Hussainova.

Nanospace-confined solid-state conversion chemistry: Solid-state route toward colloidal hollow nanoreactor and MRI contrast agent - I. S. Lee.

A New Template-Directed Triazole Ligand Strategy For The Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles - H. Kashmery, R. Dondi and G. A. Burley

The Polymeric Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems for Biomedical Applications Iodine-Doped MEH-PPV Blends with Carbon Nanotubes - Lj.Korugic-Karasz, M. Tonga, P. Lahti, F. Karasz and E. Wilusz.

Electrochemical Nanowires Devices for Energy Storage - L. Mai

Colloidal inorganic nanocrystals: Their synthesis, assembly and the study of their chemical and structural transformations - L. Manna.

A Multi-coordinating Polymer as a Platform for Functionalizing Metal, Metal Oxide and Semiconductor Nanocrystals - H.Mattoussi.

Nitrogen-doped multiwall carbon nanotubes sponges - E.Munoz-Sandoval.

Nanoparticles and Droplets Enable Detection of Rare Genetic Cancer Biomarkers - J. F. Wang.

Switchable nano-aptasensor: In situ biopsy? - H.K. Patra.

Metal Nanoparticle@Metal-Organic Frameworks. Synthesis and evidences of molecular diffusion beyond the aperture size limit - G.Zheng, S. de Marchi, V Lopez-Puente, L. Polavarapu, K.Senstosun, S. Bals, L.M. Liz- Marzan, I. Pastoriza-Santos, J. Perez-Juste.

Sole Fluorophore (Dual-Emissive Mn2+-doped Quantum Dots) for Ratiometric Intracellular pH Sensing - Feby Wijaya Pratiwi, chih-Hao Hsia, Chiung Wen Kuo, Sun-Min Yang, Peilin Chen.

Control the design of nanoparticle superstructures by bio-molecular recognition - Noelia Vilar-Vidal, Mona Trequer-Delapierre, Alain Brisson, Virginie-Ponsinet, Philippe Barouis, Etienne Duguet, Stephane Mornet.

15 years of commercializing medical devices using nanotechnology- Michelle Stolzoff and Thomas J. Webster.

Functional nanomaterials for electrochemiluminescent analysis - GuoBao Xu.