Concept Laser says that has successfully 3D printed an oil header, a part that wets a thread with oil that is usually conventionally machined as part of the assembly of common rail injectors (CRI).

The part, commissioned by engineering company Bosch, has been introduced at a plant for CRI production in Bamberg and another four plants in Korea, Turkey, Germany and France.

According to Concept Laser, the part had to ensure that the thread was only wet with oil on the upper thread geometry, but not on the bottom side. The material for the new oil header also had to be high-strength and of course non-corrosive. Concept Laser opted for CoCr as the material along with a small Mlab cusing as the production machine, which is used to produce delicate parts with a 100W laser. The company also had to redesign of the oil channels to improve the wetting of the thread.

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