Tech Soft 3D, which makes software for 3D printing, says that its software development toolkits can be used for CAD translation, visualization, modeling, and mesh processing more efficiently than in-house.

‘As 3D printing transitions from prototyping to commercial-grade production, it’s increasingly clear that robust software is a critical part of addressing real-world workflows,’ said Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D. 

One of the hardest problems facing the additive manufacturing (AM) industry is how to get quality manufacturing data into their systems, the company says. STL files have traditionally been used but can be problematic and error prone. By directly reading both native and standard CAD file formats, products can increase their ease-of-use and ultimately their print quality.

According to a SmartTech market report, 3D printing has a market size of $294 million and will grow over 150% in the next four years.  The same report suggests that by 2021 almost 30% of the additive manufacturing software market will come from application-specific tools, primarily from the dental and medical markets. 

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