This signals another move into metal powder printing by 3D Systems, following its acquisition of DMLS specialist Phenix in 2013.  

LayerWise delivers quick-turn, 3D-printed metal parts, manufactured on its own line of direct metal 3D printers, for aerospace, high-precision equipment and medical and dental customers. 

LayerWise’s line of powder-to-solid metal printers can produce functional metal parts at production scale. They can deliver relative part density of up to 99.98% and match conventional metals mechanical properties with unit weight reduction. 

High-growth area

“We are delighted to integrate our proprietary direct metal technology and processes into 3D Systems’ leading portfolio of products and services,” said Jonas Van Vaerenbergh, one of LayerWise’s founders. 

“The addition of LayerWise, with its award-winning direct metal printing technology, automated manufacturing processes at convincing scale and leading medical devices services, extends our first mover advantage in these high-growth areas substantially,” said Avi Reichental, President and CEO, 3DS.