3D Systems says that it to expand its healthcare business in Denver, Colorado by over 50%.

This follows the company’s strategy to develop new metal and polymer additive manufacturing (AM) products for applications in the industry, including patient-specific surgical instruments and implants manufactured.

Plans are to improve 3D Systems’ time-to-market, expand its range and better support the needs of customers. The company also plans to expand production of craniomaxillofacial parts, and increase its role in the larger patient-specific orthopedics market by developing new joint replacement solutions. The expansion will include the addition of multiple 3D printers and large-scale post-processing equipment to automate some aspects of the production workflow.

‘The combination of maturing industrial-scale metal and polymer printing technology and ad-vanced material solutions […] is driving significantly increased demand for our products and services,’ said Dr Jeffrey Graves, president and CEO.

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