America Makes has announced a new call for projects worth US$500,000 in total funding from the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), to develop additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

The topics are as follows:

Understanding build interruptions via AM monitoring methods

The technical focus of this project is to understand AM build interruptions via in-situ monitoring methods as current monitoring research often focuses on ‘continuous’ operations of AM processes. The goal is to gain a better understanding and quantify processing conditions when AM processes encounter various forms of interruptions.

AM part families for product qualification and certification

The technical focus is to leverage existing AM data to create AM part families to increase the amount validated AM data within the public domain and develop Q&C standards. The goal is to drive broader adoption of AM in such specific industries as aerospace, medical, and aviation where Q&C of AM parts is critically needed. There is a minimum cost share requirement of 25%.

Defect detection and mitigation via hybrid AM

The technical focus of this project is to apply such hybrid AM approaches as additive and subtractive manufacturing operations to remedy various AM material and product defects. The goal is to develop and demonstrate reliable methods to mitigating defect formation during the AM processes, as well explore and validate methods to remedying defects as built.

Characterization of transient phenomena impacting in-situ molten pool temperature measurement for AM of reactive metals

The technical focus of this project is to advance in-situ molten pool temperature measurement for AM of reactive metals. The goal is to measure molten pool surface temperatures accurately and reliably as a method to correlate processing parameters to material microstructure for metal AM.

Advancing lightweight design for AM of thin walls and struts

The technical focus of this project is to support lightweight design methods of AM thin walls and struts by advancing the processability of these structures. The goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the manufacturability of lightweight designs and structures to advance their adoption in the automotive, aerospace, medical, and energy industries.

Internet of things technologies to enhance AM product performance

The technical focus of this project is to gain a greater understanding of how to best leverage the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to benefit AM processes. The goal is to use IoT technologies on digital data extracted from AM process to quantify, assess, and improve AM product performance and quantify AM product pedigree.

The project call is open to America Makes members and the submission deadline is 2 September 2021.

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This story uses material from America Makes, with editorial changes made by Materials Today.