US 3D printing trade association America Makes has recently celebrated its five-year anniversary.

‘There’s no question that America Makes has accomplished a great deal in its first five years,’ said Ralph Resnick, founding director. ‘Not only did America Makes pave the way for the Institutes to follow within the Manufacturing USA network as a trailblazing and successful example of the public-private partnership and collaborative model, but we also made substantial contributions to advance the AM industry, fostering a highly collaborative infrastructure for the open exchange of AM information and research.’

‘America Makes is the first Manufacturing USA institute to reach this initial five-year milestone,’ added Tracy Frost, director, DoD Manufacturing USA Institutes. ‘Throughout the past five years, the America Makes team has created a collaborative environment that has already started to bring technology advancements from the lab to the factory floor, produce more competitive products, and reaffirm the United States’ place of leadership in the global manufacturing market.’

America Makes currently has a membership community comprised of more than 180 member organizations. It has established and managed a US$100 million technology R&D and workforce portfolio, funding 66 projects.

‘Moving forward, I see America Makes defined by three main roles - first, as an impartial convener of AM and 3D printing stakeholders; second, as a coordinator of technical and workforce information and data; and lastly, as an activation catalyst through high-value, high-difficulty, and high-impact projects,’ said America Makes executive director Rob Gorham.

This story is reprinted from material from America Makeswith editorial changes made by Materials Today. The views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of Elsevier.