A paper covering the testing of 3D printed parts has won best paper award at the Additive Manufacturing with Powder Metallurgy 2018 (AMPM2018) show held in San Antonio, Texas, USA, in June 2018.

‘Using Light and Electron Microscopy, Computed Tomography, and Light Scattering to Evaluate Additive Manufacturing Powders and Parts’ was presented by Thomas F Murphy, FAPMI, Christopher T Schade and Alexander D Zwiren, Hoeganaes.

The paper is published in AMPM2018 Conference Presentations, which contains 34 technical presentations and 14 technical manuscripts, and is available for purchase here.

Submissions have opened for next year's AMPM2019 conference, the MPIF says. For the first time, all presentations will require a manuscript, and qualified manuscripts will be eligible for a metal additive manufacturing outstanding technical paper award.

For more information on AMPM2019, including how to submit an abstract, go to the AMPM 2019 website

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