ARC Group Worldwide’s additive manufacturing (AM) division, 3D Material Technologies, has purchased additional metal 3D printing machines, including a Concept Laser M2 Cusing 400W Dual Laser printer and an EOSINT M280 printer.

According to the company the new printers will improve 3DMT’s metal 3D printing capabilities, one of the fastest growing segments within the advanced manufacturing sector. 3DMT acquired the new machines due to recent increases in business levels, thereby creating capacity constraints with its existing metal 3D printers, as well as expected growing demand for higher production volumes and shorter lead times.

It says that the the new Concept M2 metal 3D printer utilizes dual lasers and varioscan optics, which greatly increase machine productivity and speed.

Increased demand

‘We have recently experienced increased demand for our additive metal/3D printing services from the aerospace industry, Department of Energy, Department of Defense, and medical device markets, which led us to purchase these new machines,’ said Ashley Nichols, general manager of 3DMT. ‘Notably, we will be working on new aluminum alloys, as well as high strength, high temperature ferrous alloys. [...] We have been quite encouraged by this recent increase in adoption of metal 3D printing by clients who traditionally used legacy manufacturing processes, and believe this is potentially indicative of the future market opportunity that additive metals may have.’

The new machines can make a variety of parts out of Inconel 625, Inconel 718, titanium, aluminum, stainless steel, cobalt chrome, and maraging steel.

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