The online quoting system will make it possible for users to choose from fused deposition modelling, multijet printing, stereolithography and metal laser sintering. 

The new online quoting system accepts STLs and popular CAD formats for upload, and allows the user to select the process and material of their choice. Plastic components can ship within days of submission, while metal parts ship within a week. The 3DMT website provides details explaining each process and material type, enabling users to select the option that best meets their application and objective. 

It is also possible to select the build quality of a part, choosing from Standard Build Quality, High Build Quality and Engineered Build Quality.

 “We developed the online quoting system in support of our customer’s need to accelerate innovation through the reduction in ‘time to market’,” said Ashley Nichols, general manager of 3DMT. “Our system, in connection with our engineering expertise, facilitates optimisation through the reduction of overall assembly part counts, manufacturing simplification, and increased efficiency based on 3D printing design flexibility.”

“Online instant quoting is a major strategic initiative for ARC,” said Jason T Young, chairman and CEO of ARC Group Worldwide. “We believe the future of manufacturing will be done through the internet in a much more seamless way than exists today. Quoting is the first bottleneck in ‘time to market’ and by reducing quote time, we can help our customers shorten the development life cycle and time to production.”