Net sales increased by 10 % to SEK 440.2 million, up from SEK 400.1 million in the same period of 2015. Net income amounted to SEK 6.7 million, down from SEK 21.6 million.

For the third quarter, net sales were SEK 132.6 million (SEK 138.1 million in 2015).

In January-September 2016 Arcam’s metal powder manufacturer AP&C more than doubled its order intake compared to the same period 2015. In May the company decided to add significant capacity by building a new powder manufacturing plant in Montreal.

As announced in September, GE made a public tender to acquire all shares in Arcam. The initial acceptance period of the Offer expired on 14 October and GE has extended the acceptance period until 1 November 2016.

‘The market is currently slightly hesitant and as a result we see that it takes longer to close new orders,’ said the company in a press release. ‘This is partly a result of the uncertainty over the company’s future ownership structure.

‘We continue to pursue and develop our long-term strategy to industrialize the EBM technology and simultaneously developing the metal powder manufacturing and contract manufacturing businesses. […] For us at Arcam the tender from GE is a strong confirmation that the company we have built, our team together with you and other partners, is a major player in the additive manufacturing industry and an attractive partner to GE.’

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