Arcam’s metal powder subsidiary, AP&C, based in Montreal, Canada, is building its fourth and fifth reactors, adding capacity to its titanium and nickel super-alloy powder manufacturing operation.

AP&C uses proprietary technology for plasma atomization and this latest development will increase atomization rates and yield, allowing for higher manufacturing rates of powder for additive manufacturing (AM).

‘The need for high end titanium powder is driven by the fast growth and adoption of additive manufacturing,’ said Magnus René, Arcam CEO. ‘Arcam is determined to serve the industry through cost efficient solutions, thus converting traditional manufacturing into additive manufacturing.’

‘With this new generation of atomizing technology, AP&C is now in a position to supply aerospace and medical part manufacturers’ titanium powders in volumes needed today and in the future, added Jacques Mallette, president of AP&C. ‘With a multiple reactor operation, AP&C can produce its standard products on dedicated reactors and equipment, therefore eliminating cross-contamination risks.’

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