Arcam’s powder subsidiary, Canada-based AP&C, has started up a third atomization reactor, adding capacity to its titanium powder manufacturing operation.

AP&C, which uses plasma atomization technology, designed and manufactured its third atomization reactor with a new process control system. With this new investment, AP&C now has two production lines, encompassing reactors and related sieving and mixing equipment, dedicated to titanium products. A third reactor is dedicated to Inconel and other alloys. AP&C now has an atomization capacity of over 150 tons of titanium alloys per year.

High end powder

 ‘The need for high end titanium powder is driven by the fast growth and adoption of additive manufacturing,’ said Magnus René, CEO of Arcam. ‘Arcam is determined to serve the industry through cost efficient solutions thus converting traditional manufacturing into AM.’

‘With this investment in capacity, we continue to drive AP&C’s mission to be the reference for high quality titanium and other high-melting point alloy powders for the aerospace and medical industries,’ added Jacques Mallette, President of AP&C.

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