Arcam reports that net sales in the first nine months of 2015 increased  by 98 % to SEK400.1 million, compared to SEK 201.8 million in the same period of 2014.

For Q3, net sales increased by 52% to SEK138.1 million, compared to SEK90.8 million.

In the first nine months the company delivered 34 EBM systems, compared to 20 in 2014, and in Q3, it delivered 11 systems, compared to nine.

‘Long-term, we see a continued strong demand, and we expect a continued strong order intake,’ said Magnus René, President and CEO. ‘The order book as of September 30 was 14 EBM systems.

‘While sales of our EBM systems continue to grow, so do the sales of our subsidiaries, the metal powder manufacturer AP&C in Canada and contract manufacturer DiSanto in the US. In the third quarter DiSanto received an order for SEK20 million for contract manufacturing.

‘The strong growth, expansion into new markets and the development of our acquisitions will require further development of the organization, both within the core business and at the subsidiaries,’ he said. ‘To continue to develop our technology and take advantages of the business environment, we have a very ambitious recruitment and growth plan.’

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