3D printing company Arcam has reported a sales increase of 32% in the last six months. Sales for the period increased to SEK407.0 million, up from SEK307.6 million for the same period of the previous year, with trailing twelve month sales amounting to SEK747.7 million, compared to SEK621.7 million.

In the first six months, the company delivered 32 electron beam melting (EBM) systems.

‘We continue to pursue and develop our long-term strategy to industrialize the EBM technology and simultaneously develop the metal powder manufacturing and contract manufacturing business,’ said Magnus René, president & CEO. ‘The demand for EBM systems is driven by the aerospace industry that is now moving into production, and by the increasing interest for additive manufacturing from the orthopedic industry. However, the customers are still hesitant launching large manufacturing projects. We believe that increased product maturity as well as new application areas will drive more production interest.’

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