Arcam reports in its new interim report an increase in net sales of 31% to SEK 575.4 million, up from SEK 440.2 million.

For Q3, net sales increased to SEK 168.4 million, an increase from SEK 132.6 million.

‘The demand for metal powder for additive manufacturing continues to grow,’ said CEO Magnus René. ‘We continue to secure long-term supply agreements to important customers within the orthopedic and the aerospace industries.

‘To further develop our potential on the growing additive manufacturing market we are investing heavily in technology, capacity and in building our market presence. To ensure that we can carry out our growth plan, the board of directors has decided on a rights issue which will provide Arcam with approximately SEK 986 million. The size of the rights issue is a confirmation of our ambition to invest in our technology and capacity, and will thus further to additive manufacturing strengthen our credibility in the eyes of customers when they decide to switch.

‘With some of the world's largest companies as customers, a strong majority owner with high ambitions and, most important, a team of dedicated and skilled employees, we are well positioned to take advantage of our opportunities on the market for additive manufacturing,’ he added.

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