US-based additive manufacturing (AM) specialist Bastech has increased its in-house AM capabilities with the addition of a production 3D printer, 3D System’s ProX 200 Direct Metal Printer (DMP).

DMP uses high-powered lasers and ultra-fine metal powder to build physical metal objects from a digital file that are 99.9% dense, chemically pure and as strong or stronger than their cast counterparts.

Bastech has installed the ProX 200 for printing customer parts and tools, developing  more efficient production tools, cores and inserts for plastic injection molding and using it as a demonstration unit for its 3D equipment sales division.

With a US$225,000 grant from Ohio Development Services Agency, Bastech is currently engaged in a program that focuses on designing and 3D printing cores and inserts for plastic injection molding. The tools, due to their interior ‘conformal cooling’ channels, can reportedly decrease production cycle times, increase molded part performance with less deformation and reduce the carbon footprint used to make the part. 

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