Italian steel manufacturer FOMAS Group and INTECO Group, a casting company headquartered in Austria, have signed a cooperation agreement to produce metal powders for the additive manufacturing (AM) market.

The companies plan to invest in their manufacturing facilities in Osnago, northern Italy, and Santa Rosa, California, USA by installing a ‘next generation’ plant developed by INTECO, which according to the companies enables ‘new possibilities in terms of powder production compared to the existing technology available on the market’.

The combined plants will help ensure the constant availability of backup, own a shared and qualified sourcing point and be able to develop tailored alloys and supply different batch sizes.

‘This cooperation will set new standards on the metal powder market by elevating quality and the degree of customization available,’ said Dr Harald Holzgruber, managing director of INTECO. ‘Our combined strengths of innovative plant technology and profound knowledge in metallurgical processing will step by step lead us to success.’ 

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