The Association for Metal Additive Manufacturing (AMAM), formed under the auspices Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF), says that is now accepting charter members till the end of 2018. The official launch of the association is reportedly 1 January 2018.

The AMAM intends to be a group comprising companies specializing in metal additive manufacturing (AM) that wish to lead the direction of the industry industry.

The AMAM Board of Directors which can be found here met with charter members during the recent MPIF PM Management Summit, which took place in Naples, Florida, in October, to discuss and vote on association bylaws, as well as to form four committees as follows:

  • Environmental, health and safety: Initial priorities will be safe powder handling, and the identification and distribution of safety/health information to member companies.
  • Marketing: initial priorities will be gathering information from end users on high-priority commercialization priorities, the development of case studies to show additive strengths and capabilities, and the development of an AMAM-specific website.
  • Membership: initial priority will be to identify and pursue prospective members for AMAM.

Technical: this group will focus on standards development and technical outreach to the AMAM member companies and end users.

Visit to learn more about AMAM and how to join.

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