Concept Laser's HQ is located in Lichtenfels, Germany.
Concept Laser's HQ is located in Lichtenfels, Germany.

The 600 m2 R&D centre will be used to test and develop the company’s LaserCUSING process which uses high energy fiber laser, directed using a galvo scanning unit, to fuse metal powder in layers and build components.

"The number of test reports produced by our development department has already risen by 30% from 2012 to 2013,” said Florian Bechmann, head of development at Concept Laser. “The new development centre will raise our capabilities to a new level – in terms of time, as well as quality and quantity."

The laser sector is predicted to undergo a further growth spurt in terms of development. For instance, the range of lasers is being extended and upgradeed from 400 to 1000 watt. In the future, two, four or more lasers could operate in parallel in installation areas, improving the speed of generative component construction. As well as this, numerous application areas within medical engineering, turbine engineering or within the automotive industry are currently undergoing a significant move away from traditional technologies towards generative 3D printing processes on an industrial level, Concept Laser says.

Materials testing

The redesigned development facility now houses a larger metallography laboratory and materials testing area for customers who have special, application-specific requests related to the powder materials being used. "These requirements relate to every facet of the areas of process design, quality assurance and safety, especially for reactive materials," says Bechmann.