Frank Herzog, CEO and president of Concept Laser.
Frank Herzog, CEO and president of Concept Laser.

Concept Laser has reported a 35% revenue increase in the first six months of 2015, following revenue growth of 75% in 2014.

While 45 systems were sold in the same period of the previous year, the company has already received 68 orders this year, an increase of roughly 50%.

‘We are very proud that we not only succeeded in maintaining the great growth from last year, but have even managed to build on it,’ said Frank Herzog, CEO and president of Concept Laser.

The company says that revenue growth was solely due to sales of large-scale systems in the 1000W laser class, and demand from the aerospace industry in the USA. Staff numbers also increased by a further 30% compared with 2014 in the first half of 2015.

Following sales of 110 systems in the previous year, the Lichtenfels-based company expects this figure to reach more than 150 machines by the end of this year, while revenue growth is forecast to remain at 35% for the entire 2015 financial year.

‘We are pleased to announce that growth will stabilise at a high level,’ said Herzog.

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