The PM14 show will take place in Chennai from 23-25 January 2014.

The conference will address the development of VVT, hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cells, catalytic converters, composite electrical contacts, advanced sensors, light weight components and thermoelectric devices these and related developments in its plenary presentations.  

Experts from the industry, research institutions and academia will make oral and poster presentations of their original work and technology reviews.

In this conference the special session will focus on PM in the development of functionally gradient components, i.e., parts that are made up of different materials, each performing a specific function.

Special sessions in previous conferences covered the subjects of powder injection moulding, or PIM, and additive manufacturing.

Topics cover:

  • Modelling of PM parts & processes
  • Materials & alloy development
  • Powder production & characterisation
  • Compaction & other forming processes
  • Compaction equipment
  • Sintering & sintering equipment
  • Hard metals & diamond tools
  • Refractory metals
  • Ceramics & composites
  • Materials for aerospace and defence applications
  • Testing & evaluation of PM parts
  • Health, safety & environment
  • Energy conservation
  • Materials for alternate energy generation.
  • Advances in equipment design
  • Medical applications
  • PIM (MIM & CIM) technology
  • Laser sintering, cladding and coating
  • Magnetic materials, SMC & hard magnets
  • Additive manufacturing
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