Chemtrix BV and DSM Chemical Technology have signed an exclusive distributorship agreement to develop 3D printed metal continuous flow reactors for the chemical industry.

3D printed flow reactors could help facilitate fast process development, piloting and full scale production due to the greater freedom of geometrical design which allows the design and manufacture of customized 3D printed reactors.

Chemtrix makes continuous flow reactors ranging from lab up to tonne-scale chemical production and also offers flow chemistry service, while. DSM offers scalable process developments.

‘Thanks to the enabling technology of 3D printing of metal, the flexibility and cost level of industrial flow reactors are drastically improved, opening up a wide range of opportunities for the chemical industry,’ said André de Vries, business manager of Innosyn Route Scouting Services, part of DSM. ‘In principal one can now create the ideal asset for a specific type of demanding chemistry.’

‘This new type of flow reactors complements our current portfolio of flow reactors, now having three different materials (glass, ceramic (SiC) and metal) available to suit the customer’s chemistry requirements over a wide range of operating conditions,’ said Charlotte Wiles, CEO of Chemtrix BV. 

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