Chemicals company Royal DSM has partnered with two companies to help develop its 3D printing capabilities. DSM plans to collaborate with Dutch-based composite additive manufacturing (AM) company CEAD to co-develop fused granulate fabrication (FGF) pellet materials and will buy one of CEAD’s printers for R&D and commercial purposes.

As previously announced, DSM recently also announced a new partnership with Origin, a San Francisco-based company which focuses on open additive manufacturing.

The company has also launched a 3D printing program called the Trimax Collective which offers its customers a lease of its printers and material.

‘DSM will continue to broaden the range of its material solutions to give our customers the largest choice of printing technologies and materials to best suit their applications,’ said Hugo da Silva, vice president of DSM Additive Manufacturing. This is why we are building on our SLA, FFF and recently announced powders materials and are entering into the FGF and DLP technologies. These innovative materials take us one step closer to unlocking the full potential of additive manufacturing.’

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