3D-Micromac AG and EOS GmbH have been developing micro laser sintering technology together since 2006. The first system successfully began operation at a German research institute earlier in 2013.

“Demand for very small parts which are difficult to manufacture using conventional processes is rising tremendously,” said Dr Hans J Langer, founder and CEO of EOS GmbH. “Micro laser sintering provides solutions for three major trends: individualisation, functional integration, and miniaturisation.” 
“Working with layer thicknesses of ≤ 5 µm, focus diameters of ≤ 30 µm and powder particle size of ≤ 5 µm, the MLS technology opens up new dimensions,” said Joachim Göbner, a business manager at 3D MicroPrint. “With MLS it is even possible to produce moveable component assemblies.”
Micro Laser Sintering is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology which enables the production of parts with complex 3D structures, where conventional manufacturing processes reach their limits. Target applications include nozzles for the automotive industry, components for medical devices or jewellery. There is also a growing demand for micro-parts in the areas of mould-making and aerospace technology.