Equispheres has introduced three new lines of aluminum powder for metal additive manufacturing (AM).

The materials include Equispheres Performance powder has been designed to provide improved printed part strength and performance across a range of applications and achieves a 20-30% increase in the a-basis design allowable over traditional powders, and Equispheres Precision powder suitable for applications requiring fine features and precision (as related to CAD design), the company said. This powder has proven to provide a 50 % improvement in dimensional accuracy.

Equispheres Production powder has been designed to reduce the cost per part manufactured, with features designed to facilitate the rapid production of items without compromising mechanical performance. The company is working on parameter sets to increase production speeds by three to four times.

‘Equispheres’ unique proprietary atomization process is carefully controlled and can be managed with precision,’ said Dr Conlon, CTO at Equispheres. ‘Powder features such as PSD (particle size distribution), morphology, and chemistry can be optimized to achieve specific behaviour in the laser melting process and to meet defined application requirements.’

The company reports that it plans to introduce products specifically for sintering and use in binder jet printers in Q1 of 2021.

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