The company’s 3D FUSION or 3D laser metal sintering (printing) process is suitable for medical industry as well as manufacturing (mould fabrication and repair), defence, aerospace and high technology engineering and electronics sectors.

3D laser metal printing is a digitally driven additive manufacturing process that fuses together layer by layer metal nanopowders with focused laser energy to form functional 3D metal objects. It is formed from 3D CAD design files layered every 10 to 100 microns. Fusion between the layers takes place in a tightly controlled vacuum or inert gas process atmosphere, particularly necessary for titanium and other oxygen sensitive metals. Once complete, the part undergoes post processing, including heat treatment, surface finishing and coating as per part design specification.

"We are one of the ioneering professional laser equipment companies in the USA who stepped into additive manufacturing,” said Robert Hunt, Fonon company spokesman. “We intend to replace the generic approach to 3D metal prototyping and replace it with development of specialized high productivity 3D Fusion systems to fit specific applications.”