Fonon Corporation has introduced its Bulk-To-Shape technology, an range of 3D printing technologies which, it says, represents ‘a transformational approach to industrial, application-specific metal additive manufacturing’.

The new technology enables manufacturers to more reliably integrate 3D metal printing into full production environments.

While first-generation 3D metal printing has transformed the prototyping process by shrinking cycle times and reducing development costs, collective industry experience has determined that these systems have not been effective, reliable, or sustainable as tools for full production, Fonon  says. ‘First-generation additive manufacturing technology has proven unable to consistently produce high quality and highly functioning components, particularly when dealing with complex parts,’ the company added in a press release.

Bulk-To-Shape technology makes it possible to develop application-specific 3D metal printing tools using proprietary processes, material science and the company’s experience in building metal laser sintering products.

Manufacturing readiness

‘Medical, aviation, automotive, and space industry metal printing experts use a measurement system called manufacturing readiness level to classify additive manufacturing machines,’ said Louis Schlegel, vice president of Fonon Corporation. ‘While manufacturing readiness level ten represents machines ready for production, these experts have classified currently-available systems as within a range of level four to level six. Bulk-To-Shape technology is the quickest path for these industries to achieve manufacturing readiness level ten.’

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