Research institute Fraunhofer IFAM has installed one of Arcam’s Q20plus selective electron beam melting 3D printing machines.

The machine has been designed for the manufacture of aircraft components made of titanium alloys, but will be able in future to process other materials and applications.

With a diameter of 350 mm and 380 mm height the Q20plus can make large components, as well as the smaller parts. 

Selective electron beam melting (SEBM) is a powder-based process for additive manufacturing, in which particular materials with a high melting point, high sensitivity to impurities or susceptibility to cracking are selectively melted by an electron beam. The finished components have properties are comparable to cast or wrought alloys and without post-processing depending on the application. 

This is another step in establishing a Centre for Electron Beam Melting at the Institute. In the next two years the organization plans to build a pilot plant and install new special equipment.

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