The main AncorAM production hall.
The main AncorAM production hall.

GKN Hoeganaes, which makes metal powders, has started production of titanium powder at its additive manufacturing (AM) facility in New Jersey, USA. 

This new powder atomizing facility is part of the joint venture with TLS Technik of Germany announced last year and provides customers with a North American source for titanium and other powders for additive manufacturing.

This facility full scale atomizing and powder finishing for titanium alloys and other specialty powders for metal additive manufacturing including AncorAM powder products. The AM powder production lines are housed in a 930 m2 facility that is climate controlled for quality and consistency.  The powder atomizing process uses a refractory-free melting method to produce powders suitable for aerospace and medical applications.  All production is certified and completed according to the AS9100 quality management system with medical quality management system certification now underway, the company says.

Advanced devices

GKN Hoeganaes says that it is also developing a range of new powder alloys for additive manufacturing including titanium powders to be used in applications that require high oxidation-resistance, nickel-based alloys to be for high temperature applications, and nickel-titanium powders for use in advanced medical devices.

‘The launch of titanium powder production is a key part of GKN’s continued drive to offer a comprehensive set of products, services and technologies that enable the growth of metal additive manufacturing into a major industry and positions GKN Hoeganaes to enable its customers to launch demanding additively manufactured components for aerospace and medical applications,’ said Peter Oberparleiter – CEO, GKN Powder Metallurgy.

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