GKN says that it contributed US$5 billion to the US economy in 2015, helping sustain 42,000 jobs in the region, and £1.3 billion to the UK economy in the same year.

According to the study by Oxford Economics the company’s US operations directly contributed US$1.34 billion, and GKN and its employees paid US$264 million to the US Federal State and tax authorities during the year. GKN’s supply chains contributed US$1.72 billion with the Group purchasing more than US$2.31 billion in goods and services from US suppliers.

The UK operations directly contributed £328 million, and GKN and its employees paid £174 million in tax during the year. GKN’s supply chains contributed £428 million with the group purchasing more than £500 million in goods and services from UK suppliers.  

The company invested US$60 million in research and development in the US during the year, with a total estimated US R&D contribution of US$119 million since 2000, while UK operations invested £85 million in R&D, with nearly 650 employees working on R&D projects. The report estimated that since 2000 GKN has invested a total of £561 million in R&D in the UK alone.

Oxford Economics used a modelling approach to capture how the group’s global activities supported economic activity in the UK in a report published in Q1 2017.

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