By Liz Nickels

The workshop will be held in the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida.

The workshop draws experts from around the world to discuss traditional laser-based techniques such as cladding as well as the applications of AM in medicine and dentistry, the aviation and automotive industries, and consumer products.

AM expert Ingomar Kelbassa, a professor at RWTH Aachen University, will also speak at the workshop. He was part of the team at Germany's Fraunhofer ILT that won an innovation award in 2012 for the institute's additively manufactured 80-blade BLISK, or blade-integrated disk.

Lightweight parts

It will also feature case studies about depositing wire or powder with lasers to prevent and repair corrosion on vital components. In addition, the workshop will cover the powder-bed and powder-fed additive processes that allow the production of innovatively designed lightweight parts.