3D printing powder supplier LPW has published a case study covering the reduced cost of reusing metal powder in additive manufacturing (AM). According to the company, one of the benefits of AM,over conventional manufacturing methods, is the ability to reuse a batch of material which has been through the process. While the business case for reusing powder is therefore strong, the number of times a material can be reused is often determined by the user, or a perceived industry standard. However, material performance in delivering as-built parts is typically the key metric.

LPW suggests that when considering the final cost per part, there are a number of factors which can influence that number. As with conventional manufacturing, material is generally seen as the highest cost factor in ongoing production, but powder reuse means that final cost per part does not have to reflect initial powder cost per kilo. Two other key factors are how many viable builds can be completed from a single batch of powder, and how many parts can be produced in each build.

To read the full case study, go here.

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