3D printing company Aurora Labs says that a series of independent tests have been conducted on coupons printed in stainless steel 316L powder using its patented multi-layer concurrent printing (MCP) technology.

According to the company, the tests are part of its development of a parameter properties dataset, covering repeatable mechanical, microscopic, x-ray and other parameters. When fully developed, this dataset will allow engineers and designers to use values based on the ASTM specification in their designs and ultimately print in an Aurora RMP-1 printer, subject to normal printing considerations, Aurora said. The test result reportedly showed that the samples exceeded ASTM Standard A479/276 and f1384-16 in ultimate tensile strength and yield strength.

According to Aurora Labs, MCP technology breaks the single layer barrier, since instead of printing on one plane or layer at a time, it can print on multiple layers concurrently. This can help increase production speed and improve accuracy at high speed.

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