SAE International says that a range of multimedia content covering advanced manufacturing is now online.

‘Advanced manufacturing methods are essential to manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive mobility industries looking to improve the assembly of vehicles and their associated systems, components, and subsystems throughout the entire product life-cycle,’ the organization said. ‘However, technical knowledge about emerging methods is not well-disseminated as corporations are protecting their intellectual property to maintain a competitive advantage.

‘As a neutral professional association dedicated to being the ultimate knowledge source for the aerospace mobility industry, SAE developed new content in short, readable formats to specifically address the practical needs of the aerospace and automotive communities when leveraging these emerging technologies.’

The content covers:

  • Advanced Methods & Materials 
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Lightweighting
  • Advanced alloys
  • Composite repair
  • Smart manufacturing 
  • Augmented reality/wearables
  • Robotics/artificial intelligence
  • Digital factory

The Advanced Manufacturing Information Products, is available here.

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