The report suggests that new applications in the aerospace, oil and gas, medical, and dental sectors will increase the demand for powered materials exponentially. GE's recent US$50 million dollar investment in its Auburn, Alabama plant to additively manufacture LEAP engine fuel nozzles is a prelude to larger investments in metal powder AM equipment by many large manufacturers that will soon require powdered materials for round the clock production.

Meanwhile, new powdered metals open up new applications that will cause metal powder application database to multiply over the next seven years. Forward-looking metal powder manufacturers like Sandvick Osprey, Carpenter Powders, and AP&C are already beginning to move up the AM learning curve, working with equipment OEMs to create higher performance, more consistent powders.

The report provides coverage and market analysis of metal powders for the additive manufacturing (AM) manufacturing market. Market numbers for metal AM powders are reported both in terms of total material weight, as well as total market size. Opportunities are broken down by application, powder type, and OEM equipment manufacturer.

Improving powder performance

It also covers emerging strategies of the metal powder industry for improving powder consistency, performance, and costs: end-user requirements for new metal powders, supply chain capacity analysis and analysis of the role of OEMs in metal powder demand: 

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