“Many pundits believe that additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, will provide the impetus of the next industrial revolution. Looking past the often-sensational headlines, it is important to understand that 3D printing/additive manufacturing is actually a compendium of technologies, with build materials ranging from office paper to titanium to cheese,” the Group says as an introduction to the report.
“The year 2012 was the breakout year for additive manufacturing, with system suppliers achieving record revenues and the industry gaining widespread (if sometimes inflated) recognition. Despite this surge in popularity, additive manufacturing is still developing and current usage is actually quite limited."
The strategy report identifies domains, industries, and applications for which additive manufacturing can add value to industrial companies. It provides an overview of the different additive process types, including their respective strengths and weaknesses, and evaluates the constraints of the market. 
The report can be purchased here.
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