DP Technology has launched ESPRIT Additive Suite — software which it says can simplify the additive manufacturing (AM) process. The Suite delivers job files and control of the AM process for both direct metal deposition machines and 3D powder bed fusion systems.

‘This decade has been characterized by the widespread, mainstream use of 5-axis machining processes, but we are about to enter the decade of additive: within 10 years, we anticipate that 10% of machines will have additive capabilities,’ said Chuck Mathews, chief technology officer.

For hybrid machine tools such as CNC machines with additive capabilities the ESPRIT Additive app for direct metal deposition has integrated programming and simulation for multi-tasking multi-function, multi-channel additive and subtractive machine tools.

The ESPRIT Additive app for 3D powder bed fusion systems supports the full process of additive manufacturing, from orienting the part and creating supports, to optimizing the build, slicing and nesting, to generating a job file.

Both the ESPRIT Additive Suite apps for direct metal deposition machines and 3D powder bed systems feature can work directly with native 3D CAD files.

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