Precision component manufacturer Oberg Industries and the University of Pittsburgh’s Swanson School of Engineering have partnered to 3D print tooling and precision machined or stamped metal components in Pitt’s ANSYS Additive Manufacturing Research Laboratory. 

Over the next two years Oberg will have full-time employees on-site at the additive manufacturing (AM) lab. Opened in June 2016, the lab is equipped with a range of AM devices that use metals, alloys, polymers and other materials to print components for nearly every industry. Oberg will promote the partnership to its customer partners to improve corporate activity at Pitt while maintaining priority industrial access for its education, training, prototyping, testing, design, and production uses.  The partnership will also support faculty and students conducting collaborative research with Oberg and other industry partners.

‘This collaboration will link Pitt researchers in engineering, especially biomedical and aerospace, with Oberg’s remarkable fabrication expertise in medical, aerospace, energy, and industrial production,’ said Mark Redfern, Pitt’s Vice Provost for Research. ‘We look forward to wider engagement of faculty experts and students through the collaboration and with Oberg.’

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