Dr Richard Grylls, LENS general manager, is giving a presentation entitled, “3D Printing in Rework and Repair Applications – Recycling Metal in the 21st Century”. at the AMUG conference, currently taking place in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Dr Grylls’ presentation will discuss the various methods to rework and repair metal components using additive manufacturing techniques such as the company’s LENS Blown Powder Metal Deposition, and show real-world examples of how 3D printing can breathe new life into worn components. Additionally, he will describe how the philosophy of 3D printing – adding material layer by layer to grow a 3D object – can be applied to many applications that have in the past often been performed manually. For many decades, repairing and reworking high-value metal components has been performed using welding techniques, but only recently have 3D printing techniques been applied.