Some of the states under consideration include Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, New York and Michigan. The company wants to make large-scale parts for the aerospace and defence industries

PSI is also investigating opportunities to set up AM programmes with academic institutions that seek to advance the state of manufacturing technology.

PSI and its subsidiary Sciaky Inc offers electron beam direct manufacturing (EBDM) technology, which combines computer-aided design (CAD), electron beam welding and layer-additive/additive manufacturing processing. Today, EBDM remains the only large-scale, fully programmable means of achieving near-net shape parts made of high-value metals like titanium, tantalum, and inconel, the company claims. EBDM allows manufacturers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing and prototyping processes by significantly reducing material costs and lead times, as well as slashing machine time by as much as 80%.

Over the past four years, PSI and Sciaky have been involved in advanced research and development projects with the Department of Defense (DOD), US Air Force, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Boeing, DARPA, and Penn State University'sApplied Research Lab to further advance EBDM technology.

Scott Phillips, PSI president and CEO, said a decision for selecting a location for the additive manufacturing facility could be made in the next six months.

"PSI is all about pushing the boundaries of technology," Phillips stated. "We see significant growth opportunities in the aerospace and defence markets, and we know that there are talented Americans out there who are looking for work, who would love to be part of the next big movement in manufacturing."   

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