Metal powder company PyroGenesis Canada has reported revenues of CAN$4.8 million in 2019, a decrease of 4% from CAN$5,030,116 in the previous year.

‘The irony of issuing these 2019 financials knowing full well what has transpired since December 31st, 2019 has not been lost on the writer, as I hope it will not be lost on the reader as well,’ said P Peter Pascali, CEO. ‘These statements definitely do not represent the current state of affairs at the company, specifics of which can be gleamed from press releases issued by the company in 2020. […] Given recent events, and the structuring that took place in 2019, the company is undeniably well positioned to execute on, and build upon, the backlog of signed contracts which currently stands in excess of CAN$30 million.’

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