BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilh. Herbst GmbH & Co KG is a pioneer in additive manufacturing processes for the dental sector for which it holds various patents. The new licensing agreement between Renishaw and BEGO will allow the Renishaw Group to strengthen its existing dental business on a global basis. 

“We are delighted to find in Renishaw an innovative and strong licensee,” said Christoph Weiss, managing partner of BEGO. “The dental industry is one of the most competitive industries worldwide and the licensing agreement strengthens the position of Renishaw and BEGO. In particular the license agreement emphasises the BEGO strategy of investing in new technologies and to be a key innovator in the dental industry.” 

Geoff McFarland, Renishaw's group engineering director, stated: “This is an important agreement for Renishaw which allows us to sell and utilise our own additive manufacturing machines for dental market applications, and gives our customers access to important patents from BEGO which is a leader in this field. It also comes at a time when we are introducing a range of innovative processes for the manufacture of dental structures.” 

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