Working with schools at an education facility in South Wales.
Working with schools at an education facility in South Wales.

Additive manufacturing (AM) company Renishaw has launched a new part of its website aimed at parents, teachers and school students in South Gloucestershire, Bristol and South Wales.

The pages include engineering careers information, an online booking form and engineering careers ‘mythbusting'.

Renishaw says that it works with local schools, universities and partners to promote a positive view of engineering careers to young people and offers a range of activities including practical sessions, work experience, careers talks and tours of its facilities.

The new web pages offer an online booking form for schools in South Wales, Bristol and  Gloucestershire to attend Renishaw for a range of workshops.

‘We are working hard to show young people that engineering is a fun, engaging and successful career pathway,’ said Chris Pockett, head of communications at Renishaw. ‘Each of our workshops link to the school curriculum to help young people understand how what they are doing in school can be applied to the wider industry and career opportunities.’

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