The new R&D facility is located in the county of Cheshire, UK.
The new R&D facility is located in the county of Cheshire, UK.

LPW Technology, a manufacturer of metal powder for additive manufacturing (AM), has built a new R&D facility within the Daresbury Laboratory in Cheshire, UK.

The new facility will be used to develop LPW’s products to address the issues of metal powder degradation and contamination during the AM process. The facility, which houses a number of metal printers, will be led by LPW’s technical director, Andy Florentine.

‘In addition to expanding our powder manufacturing capabilities, we see the future of metal AM in solving the problems associated with how the powder is reused within the AM machine,’ said Dr Phil Carroll, MD and founder of the business. ‘We call the solution PowderLife – a metal powder lifecycle management system that strictly controls risk and traceability for AM metal part manufacturers. It is an integrated suite of software, hardware, analysis, applications support and, of course, metal powders.’

Daresbury Laboratory is a UK government facility dedicated to scientific research in fields such as accelerator science, bio-medicine, physics, chemistry, materials, engineering and computational science.

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