“Using the latest DMLS technology, we not only can provide leading 3D printing capabilities in metal, but also serve as a solutions provider and resource for our customers and the industry,” said Matt Hlavin, CEO of rp+m. “We are excited to continue expanding the parameters of additive manufacturing by investing in the new technologies.”

The EOSINT M 280 creates metal products directly from three-dimensional CAD data without the need for tooling. The machine’s DMLS process builds parts layer by layer by melting fine metal powder with a laser beam, resulting in reproducible-quality components regardless of geometric complexity. 

rp+m has also hired materials scientist and additive manufacturing expert Ed Herderick, PhD, as director of R&D. In his new role, Herderick will help expand rp+m’s product and service offerings.

“The key to producing truly excellent and highly-specified parts lies in the upfront design and finishing,” said Herderick. “I am delighted to be part of a team that focuses on pioneering new research.”

Prior to joining rp+m, Herderick served as director of the Additive Manufacturing Consortium (AMC) at Edison Welding Institute (EWI), where he managed the consortium of industry, government and academic partners and also formulated and executed EWI’s strategic development plan for additive manufacturing.