Five special tracks have been announced for the technical program at SAE 2017 AeroTech Congress and Exhibition, which takes place Fort Worth, Texas, from 26–28 September 2017.

The new tracks include additive manufacturing, electric aircraft, cybersecurity, flight deck/cockpit technologies and augmented and virtual reality.

According to the SAE, additive manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly growing industry with the potential to improve yield while reducing operating and inventory costs, which makes it a disruptive innovation. The session will provide government, industry, and academic participants with an understanding of the current and future state of AM so that they can collaborate to ensure that this technology achieves its fullest potential for all stakeholders.

‘AeroTech’s solutions-oriented technical sessions are an excellent venue for engineering professionals to engage with experts in current and emerging technologies,’ said James Sherman, business developer at SAE International. ‘With the addition of these five special tracks, SAE International continues its commitment to providing attendees with the means to discover, collaborate on and work through key industry challenges.’

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