The US National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) says that a new data collection process for 3D printing has been successfully demonstrated to the US Army.

Learning Integrated Manufacturing System (LIMS) reportedly secures a digital connection from the supply chain using a cryptographic hardware not normally deployed in manufacturing environments. It is also a critical edge device within the Advanced Manufacturing Intelligence Platform (AMIP). This can enable the rapid transfer of secure manufacturing process information between the US Army and its suppliers, according to its creators.

‘One of the goals Tronix3D has within the project is to improve data collection and transference during additive manufacturing to help maintain and control the 3D printing process,’ said Buck Helfferich, president of Tronix3D, which demonstrated the technology. ‘This monitoring is an important component of the manufacturing process to ensure a repeatable production process of high-quality parts.’

The system has been developed as part of a program to support additive manufacturing technology insertion into the existing US Army supply chain.

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