The two new DMLS machines, an EOSM280 and EOSM270, are the first of the company’s additive manufacturing machines for metals. Solid Concepts says that the purchase follows increased demand from customers.

The company plans to use the M270 exclusively to stainless steel, a material that can be significantly hardened, while the M280 runs Inconel 625 and 718, as well as cobalt chrome. Inconel is commonly used for internal engine components because of its durability in nearly any calefaction, while cobalt chrome resists oxidation and corrosion and is therefore suitable for medical devices, surgical tools, and dental crowns. The M280 uses a laser of greater volume than the M270, which allows the M280 to process materials faster. Both machines use nitrogen gas which helps to strengthen and actuate the welding of the metals.
Solid Concepts has its own support equipment as well for each piece, allowing for larger builds and more involved end products, as well as a dedicated finishing team that accomplishes all post-manufacturing requirements.
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