Croft Additive Manufacturing (CAM) plans to run a new industry workshop to support those wanting to find out more about metal 3D printing and its benefits.

Attendees will be given an introduction to the fundamentals of metal additive manufacturing (AM) as well as a chance to get ‘hands-on’ with the production process, from initial concept stage through to the finishing of components.

The workshop will take place in the company’s AM production facility in Warrington, UK, and will be run by company directors Neil Burns MBA and Louise Geekie PhD.

‘Additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionise how products and machines are designed and built,’ said Louise Geekie, project director. ‘But with so much information out there, it can be disconcerting for anyone who wants to find out how they can use the technology themselves.

‘Our new course will offer a jargon-free, non-academic introduction to the design and manufacturing processes that will be accessible to those with even the most basic understanding of the technology.’

Upcoming dates for the workshop are 8 and 26 September. For more information or to book a place, go here.

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